A 69 year old Michigan man, who hit the jackpot in the Michigan lottery ten years ago, has turned up dead.

Leroy Fick's body was found floating in the Tittabawassee River near his home town of Auburn in Bay County. Police have determined that the death is not suspicious.

Fick was the center of controversy after he hit the million dollar jackpot in 2010 on the Michigan Lottery TV game show 'Make Me Rich!'. Fick hit the two million dollar jackpot on the show, and opted for an instant one million dollar payout.

After winning the prize, Fick continued to receive government assistance in the form a Bridge card, which is used for food assistance.

So many state residents complained about Fick receiving assistance after winning money, that the state changed the law regarding the reporting of Lottery proceeds.

Fick burned through his entire million dollar prize in less than a year, and was the subject of a reality TV show on the TLC Network called "The Lottery Changed My Life", which showed him and his son buying all sorts of stuff on Fick's new found cash pile.

Some clips of the show, showing Fick spending his money with his son are featured in the YouTube documentary about Fick below.

It really is sad to see Fick reluctantly spend money at the urging of his son, who seems hell bent on blowing through the stacks of cash on material goods like guitars, jacuzzis, swords, cars and illegal fireworks.

In fact, Fick was arrested on possessing illegal fireworks in 2012, finding himself unable to pay the fine, which stunned the judge in the case.

No details beyond where police found the body have been released.

A sad end for someone who had a shot a financial freedom, and didn't know how to deal with it.

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