I love when someone finds a time capsule and opens it up. You see all the items that are so representative of that particular period of time in people's lives.

It would be interesting if someone did a "Coronavirus Time Capsule". Just what items would we put into the capsule that would represent what we have been going through for the first part of the year 2020?

I turned to Facebook and posed the question: "I'm thinking about making a Coronavirus (COVID-19) time capsule to bury in my yard. What items should I include?"

The response was terrific! Many items I had forgotten about, but should definitely be included.

Some of the suggested items were...

  • Toilet Paper -- Of course, with the shortage we all had to live through. One person suggested we use the cheap, one-ply kind, because at one point, that's all we could find.)
  • Hand Sanitizer -- How many bottles of that have we gone purchased, if we could even find any to buy?)
  • Masks -- We hated wearing them, but we did.
  • Lysol Spray -- I was beginning to get addicted to that smell!
  • Sanitizing Wipes -- I wiped down the entire radio studio every day.
  • A Lock of Hair -- We all needed haircuts and couldn't get one.
  • A Photo of Governor Gretchen Whitmer -- We saw her on TV just about everyday with an update.
  • Copies of Gov. Whitmer's Executive Orders -- As of this post, she has written 117 Executive Orders in 2020!
  • A Bottle of Corona Beer -- Not that there is any connection, but some people originally thought you could catch the Coronavirus from the beer.
  • A Thermometer -- Many businesses took your temperature when you walked it the door.
  • Unemployment Paperwork -- Many of us were out of work or furloughed.
  • A List of Cancelled Events -- Just about every major event for spring and summer 2020 was cancelled.
  • Meat, flour, yeast, potatoes, and pickles -- Along with not being able to find toilet paper, we also had shortages of some food items. Some other weird shortages included lava rocks and lumber.
  • A List of Words we Never Want to Hear Again -- "Flatten the curve", "social distancing", "new normal", "trying times", "essential", and I'm sure you can come up with a few more!
  • A "Going Out of Business" Sign -- Unfortunately many businesses went out of business.
  • Comfort Food -- Have you gained the "COVID 15" pounds from all the snacking you did?
  • A Copy of Your Stimulus Check or the Letter from President Trump -- How quickly did you have to spend your stimulus money?

What else should be added?


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