Have you ever traveled to a city with red light cameras? They're STRESSFUL.

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Can I turn right on red without getting a ticket? (as long as there is no sign saying you can't, yes.) What happens if I'm halfway through the light when it changes? (You would probably be fine as long as you're fully in the intersection) and what happens if I get a ticket? (you pay it via the mail)

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As many states are adding red light cameras to their intersections, Michigan law makers are working to keep them from stressing out drivers across the state.

The state legislature won't be in session again until April 12th, but they've already started the wheels in motion to pass this law in 2022. The Senate already passed SB 875 in the fall.

This bill would ban the use of red light cameras, or any cameras that automatically take a picture when the sensors connected to them indicate someone has run a red light. Currently 21 states have red light cameras, and this will keep Michigan from becoming the 22nd.

Do any cities in Michigan already have red light cameras?

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According to photoenforcer.com, there aren't currently any cameras installed in the state. However, the second you cross the state line in almost any direction, you'll find yourself faced with them. Especially if you head to Chicago.

Does this mean that people can just run red lights?

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No, red light runners will still be ticketed if spotted by the police. They just won't be able to ticket any offenders they don't witness first hand.

Will this law also ban speeding cameras?


As of now, no. But several senators have voiced their thoughts on banning these devices as well in the future.

If you're interested in speaking out against red light cameras in Michigan, you can visit write or call your legislator before the session on April 12th.

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