A California court has once again thrown out a sexual abuse lawsuit against Michael Jackson.

On Monday (April 26), LA County Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young dismissed a lawsuit brought forth by Wade Robson, who sued Jackson’s estate in 2013 and accused the late pop star of sexually abusing him as a boy in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland.

Robson had accused Jackson’s companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, of facilitating the singer’s abuse against him and others.

The judge ultimately ruled that the companies had no relationship with Robson that would create a legal duty for them to protect him from the alleged molestation.

“Wade Robson has spent the last 8 years pursuing frivolous claims in different lawsuits against Michael Jackson’s estate and companies associated with it,” Jackson estate attorney Jonathan Steinsapir said in a statement after Monday’s ruling. “Yet a judge has once again ruled that Robson’s claims have no merit whatsoever, that no trial is necessary.”

This dismissal comes after the same judge dismissed a similar lawsuit in October by James Safechuck, another man who alleged sexual abuse in Leaving Neverland.

Jackson's estate has vehemently denied any allegations and abuse claims brought against him and have separately accused HBO of violating a non-disparagement agreement by broadcasting the documentary. The case has been sent to arbitration over the objections of HBO, which allege that Jackson’s estate is seeking to stifle child sex abuse claims.

#MichaelJacksonWasFramed began trending on Twitter when news of the dismissal was publicized.

“The media have been responsible for destroying his image until the last day of his life. Was victim of false accusations, deceived, mocked and despised. Almost 12 years since he passed away & they still want to tarnish the name of this innocent man,” one Twitter user wrote.

“There were no cases for Wade Robson at all, but he still managed to smear a noble black legend’s legacy based on no facts but lies. What’s going on with the world. Sad sad sad. MJ is innocent, always,” another user added.

The “Man in the Mirror” singer died in 2009 at age 50. Jackson's family has adamantly and repeatedly denied any allegations that he was involved in abusing underage boys.

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