Last night's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony found Kiss' warring factions making nice. Just as amazing, in its own way, was an on-stage embrace between Dave Grohl and Courtney Love.

The two have been on opposite sides of a sometimes-nasty legal battle of the rights to Nirvana's music since Love's husband, frontman Kurt Cobain, committed suicide. That is, until Love spoke on Cobain's behalf as Nirvana joined the Rock Hall, saying, “I have a big speech, but I’m not gonna say it. We all start bands when we’re kids and this is my family I’m looking at right now. I just wish Kurt could have been here.”

She then stopped to hug Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and Cobain’s mother before making a very public show of solidarity with Grohl, as well. Then Love continued, “Tonight he would have really appreciated it. I just want to give this to our daughter Frances Bean, who couldn’t be here because she was ill.”

Nirvana subsequently performed, both at the ceremony and later at a small Brooklyn nightclub, with Joan Jett and Kim Gordon filling in for the departed Cobain.

Later, Love tweeted to Novoselic: "Love you guys in my crazy way. #hatchetburied #deepintheground." A few hours later, she tweeted an emotional message to the man with who she'd been fighting for years.

Rewind to a little over a decade ago, and Love could be found suing Grohl and Novoselic in an effort to end the partnership that was established to control the band's finances. The two surviving Nirvana members then countersued to remove Love from the same partnership. Love claimed, at the time, that "Kurt Cobain was Nirvana," and they she and her family were the only rightful heirs to the band's legacy.

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