Consider this the holiday cheer you need as we close out a less than cheerful year.

Santa made a special visit in the NICU at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital to visit the tiniest patients there. In a press release via Spectrum Beat, there's over 80 babies who will be spending their first Christmas in the NICU in Grand Rapids. Santa went around and met each baby and took pictures with them and their parents.

The real gifts though were the adorable babies who were dressed in tutus, bows, hats, and even Santa onesies.

Santa Visits Tiniest Patients in Grand Rapids

The man behind the red suit and white beard is Jason Yakes, an RN in the unit.

I had as many cookies and milk as I could to get myself into the spirit.

Is there any other way?!

The event was started by the Child Life Program at the children's hospital and March of Dimes. They were worried that it wasn't going to happen this year due to the visitor restrictions since the pandemic but with Yakes stepping up to volunteer and some changes they were able to m

Hold up! The cuteness doesn't stop there. Check out all of the precious photos here.

Can't get enough? Can't blame you. Here's a video of a bunny that ends up eating the carrot nose on a tiny snowman.

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