I'm not sure of a lot in this world, but I'm sure this guy will not win Father of the Year any time soon.

I can't make out the conversation going on before the boot to the rear, but I want to hear what this guy was thinking that could justify this behavior.

Maybe he's the product of child rearing habits of long ago, because my Dad claims he learned to swim when his uncle threw him out of the boat in the middle of Lake Huron.

UPDATE:  Local police and the Florida Department of Children and Families reported Tuesday they are investigating the disturbing video of a father kicking his 6-year-old son down a skate ramp.

The video, which has drawn outrage on social media, depicts Marcus Crossland pushing his son down the lip of a skate ramp at the Kona Skate Park in Arlington, Fla. It was shot by another skater at the park, Ryan Stephens, and posted on his Instagram account over the weekend. The good news? While the unnamed boy can be heard groaning at the bottom of the ramp. He is reportedly in good condition and was reportedly seen skating on the ramp later in the day. Crossland has been temporarily banned from the park. Multiple investigations have been opened.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is looking into the incident - as is the Florida Department of Children and Families.




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