It was a night of tears, dancing, and grumpy judges.

So, backstory. My mom, dad, sister, and wife all love Dancing with the Stars. Which means, I watch dancing with the stars too. Anyway, since my wife and I were watching tonight's show, I thought I'd share my (not a dancer) thoughts on the show.

I wrote this just stream of consciousness as we watched the show, so if it's a bit disjointed that's why.

  • Ginger Zee

    Memorable year: 2013 the year she met Ben her husband in Flint, MI

    Dancing to: Home - Phillip Phillips

    Val looks rather unkempt with one side of his shirt untucked and weird manbun.

    I ran to the kitchen to grab dinner … missed the dance. I came back to see a crying baby hopefully that’s not a bad omen for the night.

    Score: 21/30

  • Doug Flutie

    Memorable year: 2015 the year his father passed away shockingly his mother passed at the same time. My heart has been ripped out

    Dancing to: Rainbow Connection

    Beautiful graceful dance

    You can definitely feel the pain of that moment thought the dance

    Score: 20/30

  • Kim Fields

    Memorable year: 1976 first commercial Mrs. Butterworth the start of her career

    Dancing to: Facts of Life Theme Song

    How did they make a set in 10 minutes?

    Great dance, looked like fun.

    Len called the dance maple syrup ... which makes me want pancakes. Thanks Len

    Score: 22/30

  • Von Miller

    Memorable year: 2016 winning the super bowl

    Dancing to: In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins

    The costume department must not have a large budget for shirts. Poor guy.

    Whitney got thrown around so much she almost ended up in the balcony.

    Score: 20/30

  • Marla Maples

    Memorable year: 1993 gave birth to her and Donald's Daughter

    Dancing to: Happy written by Pharrell Williams

    High energy dance fun to watch

    "Bright zesty hot canary!" Bruno What? Well, you know, considering the set and her dress that comment works.

    Score: 21/30

  • Antonio Brown

    Memorable year: 2007 Freshman at Central Michigan college ball and new father

    Dancing to: Seven Years Lukas Graham

    Cute kid ... yeah they're totally going to give them 10s

    Oh, well, I guess it makes sense Antonio Jr only gets the 10.

    Score: 20/30

    Man, they're stingy tonight

  • Paige Vanzant

    Memorable year: 2014 First UFC Fight

    Dancing to: Random orchestra music

    Typical Mark extremely cinematic yet solid choreography

    Knock out performance I bet they say knock out performance.

    Oh, nobody said it... Miss opportunity

    Len, poor Len, he must be having a bad night

    Score: 23/30

  • Jodie Sweeten

    Memorable year: 2015 being sober for five years, and returning to her childhood home of Full House

    Dancing to: “Rise up” Andra Day

    She's a contender to win it. I mean I don't know much about dancing but she danced.

    The fact I had a crush on her when I was a kid has nothing to do with it.

    Score: 23/30

  • Mischa Barton

    Memorable year: 2008 "year of change" quitting the O.C.

    Dancing to: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus(?) I can’t tell I haven’t heard that song in forever

    Bless her heart ... she's not a good dancer.

    If she makes it past tonight she won't be on much longer.

    However, she did MUCH better than I could have.

    Score: 18/30

  • Wanya Morris

    Memorable year: 1996 singing at the Olympics with his group Boyz II Men

    Dancing to: National Anthem

    I feel like I should stand for this

    He can dance

    His dancing moves are as smooth as his singing voice.

    Score: 24/30

  • Nyle DiMarco

    Dancing to: Verge - Owl City

    Memorable year: 2012 Year he traveled the World alone without an interpreter

    A deaf man is on a dancing show? That's awesome!

    Holy smoke he's good amazing. Easily the best dance of the night.

    You're proof anyone could do anything if they wanted to.

    Score: 25/30

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