Impressive, most impres.... eh, never mind.

I like the youtube description is says ..."Sometimes the force isn't with you..."

This person in a Dart Vader outfit glides in on whatever those goofy feet wheel things are when, things don't go according to plans.

What are those feet wheel things called? Well, off to google I'm going to search and report back my findings. Well, I googled and found out their called two wheels. That took 15 seconds. You know, that can't be right? (searches for another 3 minutes) Rollerboard? I think it might be called a rollerboard. (10 minutes later...thanks to youtube videos) ... Looks like the vast majority of internet people call them 2 wheels. Even Amazon calls them 2 wheels, I can honestly think of better things to do with $500 (even sale price of $300).

So, there you have it ... Where was I going with this?

Ever walk into a room and forget why you did? Yeah, that happened to me just now with this post.

Whatever, I'm off to watch more cat videos. Cheers.

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