We'd previously heard that the 'Bond 24' filmmakers wanted the villain for the upcoming sequel to be unlike the modern day villains and instead a throwback to the big hulking henchmen like Jaws or Oddjob. The casting call was looking for "an imposing, extremely physically fit actor" over 6'2" tall. Not a ton of guys like that around, but the director Sam Mendes didn't have to look further than the biggest movie of the year.

Latino Review is reporting that Dave Bautista, former WWE wrestler and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star, has been cast as Hinx, the "iconic" villain of the upcoming Bond sequel. The "iconic" part seems to be more in what they're aiming for and instead of trying to top Javier Bardem's flamboyantly insane Silva, going for the classic "henchmen" style villain. The casting also mentions that Hinx will have "several fights with Bond" so expect this new style of villain to be used to great effect in the movie.

Now, does this mean that if Hinx is a henchman, he'll have a more brainy boss? There have been rumors that classic Bond villain Blofeld who appeared in seven James Bond movies including 'From Russia with Love,' 'Thunderball,' 'You Only Live Twice,' 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service,' 'Diamonds Are Forever,' 'Never Say Never Again' and 'For Your Eyes Only' (and also serving as the primary inspiration for Dr. Evil). In the older films, Blofeld was the head of SPECTRE, but perhaps in the Daniel Craig movies, he's the head of Quantum and uses Hinx as his muscle.

So far, the only other casting we've heard is that Lea Seydoux ('Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol') had signed on to play one of the Bond girls. But, with filming on 'Bond 24' expected to begin in December, expect more casting news over the next month or so.

Not much else is known about 'Bond 24' but Daniel Craig and Mendes are returning after 'Skyfall' and are expected to bring Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes with them.

'Bond 24' opens in theaters on November 6, 2015.

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