Michiganders, especially parents, are asked to be on the lookout for drugs that are disguised as candy.

Keith Martin, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Special Agent from Detroit said methamphetamines have been circulating in Ohio and is creeping its way up to the northern part of the state and is likely to make its way into Michigan, if it hasn't already.

He says over the last couple of months they have seized thousands of the meth pills resembling candy in northern Ohio (via Fox2Detroit).

Some say they resemble Flintstones vitamins, but I think they look like Smarties.

Martin told FOX 2 meth is now showing up in pill form more because it's easier to transport.

The price of these potentially deadly pills, are only about $10 to $30 each. Martin says there is no lab result on the potency yet.

The DEA says they are certain it's a drug cartel from Mexico because they're going through the same route they've used the last hundred years. Their only objective is to get their money and that's at the cost of anyone's life, even an innocent child.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to be aware. Parents are encouraged to show these pictures to their children and explain what it could be. You can see the pictures of the meth that officers have seized here.

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