Scenic Overlooks are things we find all throughout Michigan and while on road trips, give us a chance to get out and stretch our legs while enjoying some of Michigan's beauty. Unfortunately not all scenic overlooks are shrouded in beauty, but rather tragedy, such as Deadman's Hill Scenic Overlook In Elmira, Michigan. The story of Deadman's Hill is even more tragic in the not only did a man pass away on the hill, but he was to be married the day it happened, according to local legend. Dori Oxford visited the spot, which is somewhat of a memorial to the 21 year old logger named Stanley Graczyk, documenting his unfortunate history:

On May 20, 1910, Stan was to marry his childhood sweetheart, and on that morning he was working the steep ridges of the Jordan River Valley with his crew. Poor Stanley never made it to the altar. He was driving a team of horses and a "big wheel" loaded with timber down the ridge, when the huge cart slipped out of control and ran over him, killing him instantly. It's been called Dead Man's Hill ever since. Today it's a scenic spot with views of much of the Jordan River Watershed.

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The hills of the Jordan River Valley had seen their fair share of deaths, especially in the early logging periods of the area. Although the area has seen a fair amount of tragedy, it is actually one of the most beautiful overlooks our state has to offer, regularly flowered with wildflowers, and provides a beautiful view of Michigan's Fall colors late in the year.

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