How would you respond if a young deer walked up to you while you were trying to sink a putt?

In the video posted to Facebook on Sunday night by PGA Pro Jason Michael Dudzinski, a young buck decided to help his fiance, Katie Nolff, with her putt while they were going at Indian Springs Metro Park in Oakland County, in White Lake, according to Macomb County Scanner.

As you can see in the video, Katie was in the process of sinking her ball when the deer walked up, sniffed the ball, and still stood there as she made the putt.  Afterward, the deer just stood around checking the two golfers out, before Katie grabbed her ball and they went off on their way.

All the comments on Jason's original video are talking about how cool the encounter was, which I agree, but I also have to say, when I first started watching it, I was thinking it may play out like the Elk from 'Grown Ups 2'. Remember that scene?  The Elk busted in the house and was nowhere near as friendly as this deer was. Especially to Taylor Lautner's character later on.

The comments on the Macomb County Scanner's post varied from how sweet the encounter was to how the deer would have been a tasty treat.  One guy, Todd Gordon posted in the comments that the buck is one of his deer and says it's one of a group of triplets, with two bucks and a doe. He also posted a picture of the deer giving him a kiss, which would explain why he was so at ease walking upon the pair of golfers. Either way, it's the good news we can use today.


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