While things seemed to be getting semi back to normal, the delta variant has been raging across Michigan and Dr. Anthony Fauci warns it could mutate to a monster variant.

The delta variant cases of COVID-19 are now surpassing the number of people who actually have been vaccinated. If more Michiganders don't get vaccinated soon to slow the delta variant, and new monster variant will mutate that could become even more deadly.

What fuels the coronavirus is its ability to spread fast. The faster it spreads and with the least resistance, gives the virus the power to mutate into other strains. It seems the new strains like the delta variant become even stronger than the original and more contagious.

People getting vaccinated has been a huge step in slowing the spread of COVID-19, but those resisting getting vaccinated have been becoming a problem for the past few months and as we enter flu season, the chance of spreading COVID-19 becomes even higher as the temperatures cool down and most everyone remains inside.

According to WOOD, COVID-19 deaths and cases in the U.S. have climbed back to levels not see since last winter which is setting Michigan and the rest of the country back from the progress that was made by those who got vaccinated.

Dr. Fauci said, "in a country of our size, you can't be hanging around and having 100,000 infections a day. You've got to get well below 10,000 before you start feeling comfortable."

As of Monday, September 13, Kent County has 75,009 cases and 826 deaths. Right now Kent County is averaging 205 cases per day and seems to double from month to month.

I have been out a bit lately and have been noticing more people beginning to wear masks again. I'm not talking just people working in businesses, I'm talking people walking down the street, in stores and anywhere large numbers gather.

With sporting events back into play in schools, colleges and professional, plus comedy shows, concerts and other live events. Are we 4 to 6 weeks away from something much worse?

So far the only way to fight the virus or limit its ability has been getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Even those who have had the shots, if they caught the virus anyway, they have had little or no reaction to it compared to those who have not been vaccinated.

A vaccine can only work if everyone participates, look at what is happening to some of the southern states where few have gotten the vaccine, their hospitals are full and in some cases unable to help those who catch the virus.

If you want to do your part to slow the spread of the delta variant and hopefully keep it from mutating into a monster variant, get yourself vaccinated in order to help those around you...be bigger than yourself.

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