When a Master Home Inspector looks at you and says you have a structural issue that could possibly kill or hurt people, you'd think a company as well-known as Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit would take that seriously, but allegedly they aren't too concerned with the fact that apparently, their parking garage is in danger of partially collapsing.

Recently Dr. Scott Briggs, a Board Certified Master Home Inspector and a Licensed Residential Builder/ General Contractor with two doctorate degrees, three Master's degrees, and 27 licenses and certifications noticed something very wrong with the parking garage at the Henry Ford.

Scott Briggs took pictures of the first floor of the public parking in the Henry Ford Main Hospital's garage in Detroit, expressing his concern about their apparent lack of concern:

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I attempted to be polite and bring this to the attention of the management of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, privately, who did not seem to understand that the condition of this parking garage needs repair or there will be a partial collapse that hurts people in the future. Henry Ford said they would have maintenance or a janitor go and caulk these items. In this multi-story garage, having any of these columns cracking all the way thru on both sides or any of the supports that support the weight of the levels above forming gaps/ separating from the columns that support the weight of levels of the garage above is bad.
He stated that this issue needs to be addressed by a licensed engineering team and now feels the court of public opinion, pressure, and attracting media attention will result in this being repaired correctly. As someone who has family working in and parking in this facility, I would hope it's fixed properly.

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