A man who spent eight years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit hosted a free gas giveaway in Detroit.

Davontae Sanford Says Giving Back Is What His Life Is About Now

Wassim Chouak via Unsplash
Wassim Chouak via Unsplash

When Davontae Sanford was 14-years-old he was arrested for a quadruple homicide while standing outside his home in his pajamas a few blocks from the crime scene. On the advice of his attorney, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 37 years.

Eight years later, after someone else confessed to the crime, Davontae was released, sued the city for wrongful conviction and received a $7.5-million settlement.

When He Got Out Prison, Community 'Had His Back'

Davontae says he was all alone when he was in prison and when he was released, he had nothing, but his community “had his back.” And now that he’s doing a bit better, financially speaking, he wants to give back to the most vulnerable community members: seniors and women.

So, he hosted an event at a BP gas station on Detroit's East Side. There was food and music and he gave away Walmart gift cards and paid for around $25-thousand worth of gas for women and seniors who came out to the event.

Davontae says he also will be giving away five cars to single mothers in the upcoming weeks.


Giving Is Devontae's New Way Of Life

Davontae says that it’s satisfying knowing that what he’s doing is appreciated. “I know these people need this and knowing I'm able to be in a position to help these people means the world," he says.

When Gas Stations Were Fun

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