Experts have been saying for years that implanted chips in our skin is the wave of the future. I guess we're finally here.

Brandon Dalaly Has His Tesla Key And House Key Implanted In His Hand

A guy in Detroit named Brandon Dalaly decided that carrying his digital Tesla key around was too annoying, so he just had it implanted into his hand instead.

He put a microchip on the top of his right hand, under the skin.  So now he can tap his driver's side door to unlock it.  And he can start it the same way.

He didn't even need to see a doctor.  A place that does piercings did it for him, and it wasn't that expensive.  The chip cost $300, and they charged another 100 bucks to shove it in his hand.  Once the swelling went down, it worked great.

Here's A Look At How He Had Them Implanted

Implanted microchips aren't brand new, they've been used by employers in Sweden to track, um, er,  ALLOW  workers access to certain areas, but they're becoming more of a thing.  And this wasn't even Brandon's first go at it.

He used his right hand because he already has a digital key to his HOUSE implanted in his left.  He says it's cool, because now he never has to remember his keys, and he can never lose them.

Next, he wants to get a third chip on his chest to track things like body temperature and heart rate.  "It would be inserted near the breast and then you can tap your phone to your chest and instantly get temperature readings," he told FOX 2 News.

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