The Detroit Red Wings released a statement Saturday afternoon denouncing the use of their logo at the White Nationalists meeting in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A group of people attending the meeting were pictured carrying signs bearing the Red Wings logo. They are thought to be members of the "Detroit Right Wings".

The Red Wings organization says that they "vehemently disagree" with the meeting, and that they are exploring legal action connected to the unlawful use of their logo.

The Charlottlesville meetings has gained national attention for a number of reasons, including many people on Twitter mocking the group of men seen marching through Charlottesville Friday night carrying tiki torches they may or may not have purchased together at Party City. They were heard chanting things like "one people, one nation, end immigration" & "blood and soil" (which was a saying used by the Nazis during the Holocaust.)

Charlottesville has declared a local emergency because of the conflicts between nationalists and those who oppose them.


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