My Grandma would never be able to attend another Tigers game…  in truth, she didn’t like baseball, but the new announcement may have a few older fans needing their grandkids to help.


The Tigers announced that starting this year, they will no longer be accepting paper tickets (meaning you print off the ticket before you leave).  From now on, according to MLive, your ticket will be mobile-only, meaning you have to show your ticket barcode or from the StubHub app.

MLive reports the Tigers made this move to help cut down on fraudulent tickets and will make it easier to transfer and resell tickets online.

Mobile-only ticketing is becoming a thing everywhere, MLive says that Little Caesar’s Arena started mobile-only tickets last year when they opened and that most NBA and NHL teams already do this.

If you’re worried about getting tickets you can find out more info HERE

IF you ARE like my grandma and still have a flip phone, no worries, you can stop by the box office on game day and get an “old school” ticket.




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