The pandemic has put a damper on A LOT of things this year... school, work, shopping, vacations, and weddings just to name a few. Tons of bride-to-be's were left scrambling trying to figure out the next step after their weddings got canceled due to COVID. Now, the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids is stepping up to help out couples.

The convention center announced a contest for affected couples to partake in, giving them a chance to win a free wedding reception and a mini-moon. In a Facebook post they say,

Newlyweds now have the chance to celebrate their love in an outdoor space and enjoy a staycation right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.

The winning couple will get to celebrate with a reception on the patio of DeVos Place, which can accommodate up to 98 guests. Then for their mini-moon... a free one-night stay at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel, a $100 gift card to use at any of the restaurants inside the Amway, and a basket full of local goodies.

Couples who are interested can enter by submitting their wedding photo and providing some basic info here. Submitted photos will also be shared on DeVos Place's website and social media to show some extra love.

If you're chosen, you must reserve the date for this year to get the free reception. Everything will be provided courtesy of DeVos Place except food and drinks. If you're not the winning couple, you can still take advantage of getting the reception space at a reduced price.

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