When most people think of food pantries, well, they think of donating food, but personal care items are just as important and diapers are on the way.

According to WOOD, there is an organization in Kent County called the Great Start Collaborative and they collect diapers that are then distributed to other pantryies around our community.

GSC just received nearly 300,000 diapers that will soon be delivered to a variety of pantry's throughout Kent County.

With the current pandemic, pantries are getting hit hard at a time of year that is typically slower. Usually the winter months are when folks needs the most help but now with many out of work, laid off and furloughed, there are needs all across the county.

There actually is a National Diaper Bank Network. This group gets large donations, then passes them on to regional pantry centers who are more like distribution centers for the smaller pantries.

The good news is, twenty pantries will be getting these new supplies of diapers and this will be huge for families all across the county who are in need.

There is a way for you to put together a diaper drive in your hometown, just go to this website and all the information you need will be there to help you, help your community in this time of need.

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