There was a secret that was right in front of our faces in the Bryant Gumbel-Katie Couric Super Bowl ad that you may have discovered -- if you are curious like me. 

If you haven't seen it, the BMW commercial shows a clip from 1994 of the 'Today' show where Gumbel and Couric are confused about the first time NBC showed a graphic with an email address.

The video shows the graphic with the address I got curious as to whether or not the domain name was still active, so I went to and found BMW's secret contest to win the BMW in the commercial.


The site contains a video of Gumbel and Couric saying that people who email the address can win the BMW they are driving. So for the fun of it, I sent an email and got this message that gave me a link to the same site with a form to fill out to enter and win.

Who would send an email to the “Internet Address” in BMW’s ad for the big game? Someone with a whole lot of smarts and curiosity, that’s who.We value that. After all, it’s that same curiosity that led BMW to rethink the automobile from the ground up and create the BMW i3.And now, your curiosity has uncovered something else. Click below to find out — you’ve earned it.

Pretty cool, huh?

One other thing I found interesting. The email address in the BMW ad is not the same as the one used on the show in 1994.

The original email was that was created to respond to a series they were doing on violence in America. I'm sure BMW wasn't able to use that email address for a couple of reasons. GE no longer owns NBC, so the domain doesn't exist anymore and who would want to use an email address with the word violence in it to enter to win a car?

Here's the original un-edited segment from the 'Today' show in 1994.

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