Did you realize you could take a cruise on all 5 of the Great Lakes?  Yeah, I'm not talking about a dinner cruise either, it's a real 11-day cruise.

WXYZ in Detroit has a story about the Great Lakes Cruise Company, which isn't new, they started cruising the Great Lakes in 1998, but they have 3 different options to explore our nation's great natural wonders.  According to WXYZ, GLCC is the only company that specializes in Great Lakes tours.

The WXYZ story lays out the three different cruises you could take, all which go through all 5 great lakes and all are over a week long.

You could take the Splendor of the Great Lakes Cruise, which goes from Chicago to Toronto (or the other way, but we'd probably want to start close to home) on an 11-day, 10-night cruise that stops on Mackinac Island, Detroit, and Cleveland before stopping at Niagra Falls and then ending in Toronto.  If you're interested, next year between May and October, the cruise departs two to three times each month.

Another option, the Great Lakes & Georgian Bay cruise, which is a 12-day, 11-night cruise from Milwaukee to Toronto which goes to Holland, Muskegon, Mackinac Island, Ontario, and Windsor before going to Niagra and ending in Toronto.

Or if you want to do a smaller group (only 84 people are on this cruise) for the longest (and maybe coolest) trip, you can do the Great American Waterways cruise that takes you from Chicago to New York City stopping on Mackinac Island, as well as Wyandotte, Cleveland and several New York cities before actually arriving in NYC - that trip is the longest at 16 days and 15 nights.

Now that I know about these, I really want to do a Great Lakes cruise, although most of the cruise prices are as much as a European cruise, so I may have to figure out how to do a trip for the radio station. Still, pretty cool!


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