If you happened to be driving down 196 on Thursday and realized when you got to your destination that all of your tools were missing from the back of your truck - have no fear. Why? Because a good Samaritan picked them all up and is keeping them safe for you.

Tim Cole took to Facebook Thursday night with a message to the tools' owner:

To the contractor that lost his tools on I -196 on Thursday afternoon, I've got every tool and every screw !
Contact me thru F.B. and describe the tools and the circumstances in which you lost them and I'll make sure you get them back.

So, all is not lost. Just get in touch of Tim through Facebook and let him know where you were driving and maybe give him an idea of what you lost and you and your tools will be reunited once again.

Thanks Tim for reminding us that there are, in fact, good people in this world that are looking out for their fellow man.

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