In case you’re wondering, just because you pay to attend or stay at an event or business, if you’re not willing to follow mask mandates, you can still be asked to leave.
The lesson is an expensive one for a Louisiana man who WXYZ reports went to Disney World back in February, but refused to get his temperature checked when he entered the Disney Springs restaurant and then when park security and sheriff deputies were trying to remove him because after all Disney is private property, he claimed that he wasn’t trespassing (that’s what they used to remove him) because he had paid $15,000 for his vacation. WXYZ says he later pleaded not guilty to trespassing.
Here’s the deal, so Disney has health and safety rules to they can open and remain open during the pandemic. They’re also not playing around with those rules. So if you’re planning to go - know that’s a deal. In comparison, I’ll tell you that Las Vegas as an entire city also has very strict mask rules. You have to keep your mask on even when sitting at a table in a restaurant if you don’t have food or drink in front of you, and they’ll gladly escort you out of any casino if you aren’t wearing a mask. So Disney’s request isn’t that outlandish.
Also, know that they first just asked the guy to return to the health screening tent at the restaurant so they could take his temperature and he refused, that’s when they asked him to leave before calling the police.
From the WXYZ story here’s the part that made me go, “WHAT?”
Sills told The Washington Post on Saturday that he would have “happily” consented to a screening but walked into the restaurant through an exit and didn’t realize his mistake. He criticized a manager for escalating the conflict and compared Disney security to Nazis and the mafia, the newspaper reported.
He would have happily walked over?? Then why didn't you? Why did it take park security and police to escort you out, if you were so willing to play by the rules had the manager been nicer?
People love to say that, you know when they’re paying a lawyer... "I’d have complied if I had been asked."  Right.
Needless to say, a lot of people have thought Michigan was strict with COVID-19 restrictions, but if you’re finally about to travel, maybe check the local rules and laws and if you don’t want to follow them, avoid that city or location. Disney's proving no matter how much your spending, people don’t necessarily care when it’s between leisure and someone possibly dying.

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