The Michigan Department of Natural Resources say two Elk have been illegally killed during the Michigan firearm season for deer in the past week.

According to the DNR, a bull elk was killed this week in Montmorency County, north of Atlanta. The second elk was illegally shot a few days earlier in Otsego County.

A deer hunter found the dead elk in Montmorency County and then reported the illegally shot animal to the DNR poaching hotline.

When DNR officers located the elk, they determined it had been shot by a single gunshot and believed a hunter mistook the elk for a deer.

The elk that was shot earlier in the week has led to a suspect with 48 hours. Lt. James Gorno said, "we strongly encourage people to come forward, either the hunter in this new case, to remedy the situation, or anyone who has information that can help us identify a suspect."

Elk are not in season as this time. The next elk hunt will be December 14-22 and then a second hunt January 15-19.

If you have any info on either of these illegal elk kills contact the DNR at 800.292.7800.

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