I’m beginning to think we might.

Back in June, there was a sign on Richmond that said, "ARE YOU BLIND? IT 25 MPH”  and then after the sign went viral it was changed to “SPEED LIMIT -  25 mph – Thanks”  or something close.

Well as I was driving home the other day after getting off of 196, I noticed this sign at the intersection of Lane Ave and 4th NW St.

Rob Sparks/TSM
Rob Sparks/TSM


The fact that a sign was put up on Richmond Ave and now Lane Ave, would lead me to believe that we may have a problem following speed limits.

Now in fairness, this isn’t just a west Grand Rapids problem.

Jackson County D.O.T. here in Michigan also posted signs after they resurfaced a street saying, “Please Slow Down… or we’ll put the potholes back”.  The Managing Director of JCDOT told WZZM 13 that anytime they resurface the street, people use them like “runways”, meaning people speed as fast as they can down the smooth roads.

So obviously people driving too fast is a thing all across the state… and country, probably; but what’s our excuse on the west side of GR?  I know our streets aren’t that smooth.  I mean they’re better than a lot of places in Michigan, but especially on Lane Ave. as you come up to 4th NW St.; that road is not smooth at all.

I also know that GRPD isn’t afraid to give out tickets, as I got one last summer speeding down Broadway Ave.  Maybe it’s time they pick up the speed traps. Until then, just remember even if it’s not your neighborhood, someone’s kid does live there, so slow your roll.

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