In honor of Valentine's Day, the website, CenturyLinkQuote, analyzed Google searches to find "Each State's Most-Googled Relationship Question." To come up with the results, they looked at "relationship" searches between December 2017 and December 2018.

The most common relationship question in the nation is "how to break up" asked by 13 states! I get breaking up with someone can be hard but it's easier to just rip off the band-aid... don't prolong it, don't ghost, just get it over with! But in today's world where people try and avoid confrontation at all costs, I can see how this can be a struggle. Psychology Today has a great article on the best way to do this very thing.

In Michigan, though, the most Googled question is "does she love me?" But Michigan isn't the only state who's confused because 12 other states asked a variation ("does he/she...") of that question too. Let's be honest, if you need to ask Google that should already be your answer. You're better off picking flower petals.

You can see what each state is Googling in the map below. Not surprised, that the majority of states wondering "how to kiss" are also the states where there are more farmland and cows than people (looking at you, Wyoming).


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