A dog who alerted a neighbor is being lauded as a hero after a 15 year old girl was rescued off an ice flow in Lake Michigan. I hope he got a treat!

Ottawa County Sheriffs Deputies rescued the girl near Idlewood Beach in Holland after a howling dog caused a person living near the beach to call them.

The deputies launched a drone to find the girl on the ice flow. Fortunately she was never in the water, and she is fine after the scare. She even waved at the drone when it approached her.

The unnamed dog is remaining anonymous, however, I thin it deserves a big 'Whatta good dog you are!' hug and a tasty treat.

A neighbor heard the dog barking and put two and two together after seeing the dog with a young girl earlier in the afternoon. He immediately called authorities.

It turns out the girl had fallen 30 feet to the ice ledge, which then went afloat. It ook deputies about two hours to locate the girl and bring her to safety.

“It’s a very big and beautiful lake, but it can be unpredictable,” Sgt. Brian Buter of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office told the Holland Sentinel. “It could have turned out worse.”

“This happens every year,” Marty Mulitz, a resident of Idlewood Beach told the Sentinel. Mulitz said she saw the girl slide down the ice formation before she was eventually returned to safety.



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