A dog who fell off a sailboat has been reunited with her family after another family found her treading water about 4 miles off-shore in Lake Michigan.

On Friday, Jeannie Wilcox and her family were on a boating trip from Grand Haven to Frankfurt when she spotted a reddish animal in the water.

Wilcox tells tells Wood TV 8, "I started yelling, 'Dog in the water! Dog in the water!' "

The family was able to get the dog up on to the swimming platform of the boat and brought her aboard. Wilcox says the dog was scared and cold, and may have been in the water for more than an hour.

They traveled four hours to a vet to get the dog scanned for a microchip. Luckily, she had one! They were then able to reunite the sweet girl with her family.

I'm so glad there is a happy ending to this story! Amazing job to the Wilcox family who saved this dog's life!

Wilcox tells Wood TV 8,

“I just hope that if this was my dog, somebody would do the same for me. I would just be very grateful, happy because I know how rough Lake Michigan can be."

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