When a Michigan man stepped outside to get firewood on New Year’s Eve, he only had on long johns, slippers and a shirt, since he thought he was only going a short distance.

What he hadn't planned was slipping on the ice. Thankfully, the man had a trusty dog by his side.

The man, who only gave his name as "Bob" broke his neck in the fall, leaving him incapcitated out in the freezing conditions. His Golden Retriever Kelsey was nearby and according to at least one doctor who treated him, saved his life.

Bob yelled for help, but says his nearest neighbor is about a quarter mile away and didn’t hear him screaming. But his loyal pet Kelsey laid on top of him in the snow and kept him awake all night by licking his hands and face. "She kept barking for help but never left my side,” Bob explains. “She kept me warm and alert. I knew I had to persevere through this and that it was my choice to stay alive."

Dr. Chaim Colen of McLaren Hospital, who treated Bob, told FOX 8 News that the dog saved his life, "I don't think he would be living unless the dog was there. The dog kept him warm. He didn't have any frostbite, and it was 24 dgrees that night."

Kelsey kept howling long after Bob lost his voice from yelling and eventually that neighbor heard her and called 911 on New Year’s Day evening. Now Bob is recovering from surgery and thanks his heroes - Kelsey and his doctor - for saving him.


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