Single for Valentine's Day? Don't let it depress you! Here are some of the best things about being single ...

* Going to the gym whenever you want, even at midnight. Nobody is waiting for you to get home and cook for them.

* Eating chips and salsa for dinner. Being in a relationship doesn't necessarily make you a gourmet chef, but eating snack food for dinner doesn't usually work for a guy.

* Plucking your eyebrows for hours on end without someone asking what the heck you're doing in the bathroom for so long!

* Going out after work with friends. A wedding ring doesn't mean you'll never go out for happy hour again, but it does mean you won't do it as often.

* You can do what you want, when you want. Feel like leaving clothes all over the floor? Want to watch an entire season of Mad Men at one time? Do it!

* You never know when or where you'll meet the next guy you'll fall madly in love with, so every day there's the possibility it could happen. That's pretty cool.

* Hookups! Go ahead -- flirt the night away!

* All of your hard-earned cash can be spent on your number-one priority: you!

* No stinky man-laundry. Enough said.

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