Shelley Duvall's unsettling and controversial interview with "Dr. Phil" McGraw aired on November 18, and it was just as difficult to watch as the original trailer made it seem. Amid Phil McGraw's repeated on-camera insistences that this is all to "help her," the onetime The Shining star expressed fears that unknown parties may try to hurt or even kill her.

Dr. Phil tells Duvall that he wants to "get her to some doctors" that will "really check [her] out." He does not, however, offer a subsequent explanation of why this couldn't be done offscreen before a public interview.

"It's a physical problem," Duvall says. "And I don't want any more bee bites, 'cause they threaten me. But I'm not afraid of them anymore." Moments later, she directs the camera to zoom in on her legs, which appear to be covered in sores or bites: "These are NOT bug bites!"

Dr. Phil repeats his request to take Duvall to seek medical help.

"I was a pretty girl," Duvall replies in a non sequitur, as the show cuts to a photo of Duvall holding an award many years ago. "I was beautiful. I was 1987 Entertainer of the Year for the Southern California Cable Television Association."

"You're still beautiful," Dr. Phil says. Duvall dismisses him, saying she feels "grotesque" and reiterates claims that she was physically hurt by an unnamed party or parties. The second clip follows a similar trajectory; Shelley consents to see doctors if "you promise me they aren't going to murder me."

Watch clips from  Shelley Duvall's interview with Dr. Phil (both play automatically, per that program's video player) below.

Vivian Kubrick, daughter of The Shining director Stanley Kubrick, called for a boycott of the interview when the first trailer aired on Wednesday (November 16). Vivian has started a GoFundMe to help raise funds to help provide Duvall the aid she needs.

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