Our slipping morale during the pandemic has forced a Detroit area restaurant to go to Facebook and ask people to at least put on clothes.

The Caucus Club Detroit posted to its Facebook page this week that there is a dress code, and patrons should not come in smelling of the cannabis plant

The "odors" were clearly defined as marijuana smoke, which is legal now, so they better start getting used to it. But it could also apply to bad hygiene, I suppose.

A more clever way to put the rule might be, "Dress up in pink and please don't stink" or "Don't come a sneaking if your butt be reeking."

Caucus Club owner George Sboukis told WXYZ News, the "odors" thing isn't a daily occurrence, but happens enough to warrant the warning, "The smell of cannabis, and it's very rare, it's probably once a week, but somebody will come in and either on their person or maybe they partook in some...it's so pungent that it can clear a room."

Fair enough, but as a restaurant owner, don't you want your patrons to be a little high? I mean, wouldn't they eat more, especially if you're serving tater tots? I'm asking for a friend.

"I feel like it's just a lack of self-awareness. and a lack of, just respect for other guests in the room," Sboukis added. "We all have to be respectful of each other's desires and wanting to have a good time."

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