We have good news for trick-or-treaters this weekend because there is no rain in the forecast for the entire weekend.

It seems like West Michiganders have been subject to pandemics, rain, or snow on Halloween for the last several years, but for 2021, the forecast is finally on our side.

According to several different forecasts, both Saturday and Sunday will be rain free for you to go out trick-or-treating. Temperatures will be right on average for Halloween, but that means that it will be cold. Forecasts show that the temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will range between 54 and 58 for the highs and then drop to between 44 and 48 at night.

The average high on Halloween for Grand Rapids is 54 and the low is 39, so we are right about where we should be in terms of temperature. There is about a 27% chance of precipitation on Halloween, but this year there is a good chance that it will be nice and dry.

Various Weather Forecasts For Halloween

  • Wood TV 8 - High of 58, Low of 38, Partly cloudy with 10% chance of precipitation
  • Fox 17 - High of 57, Low of 40, Partly cloudy with 10% chance of precipitation
  • WZZM - High of 54, Low of 41, Partly cloudy with 8% chance of precipitation
  • Weather.com - High of 53, Low of 44, Partly cloudy with a 16% chance of precipitation
  • Accuweather - High of 57, Low of 44, Partly cloudy with a 17% chance of precipitation

So, with only the tiniest chance of rain in the evening, it looks like it will be a nice (and somewhat chilly) evening to go trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween!

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