Great news if travel M-6 as part of your daily commute; MDOT is planning to open the eastbound side of M-6, sometime today (Thurs, September 14th)!

Back in July, the highway was closed from 196 to Wilson Avenue as they basically rebuilt the crumbling roadway. Originally the work was supposed to be wrapped up around Labor Day, but stuff happened.

John Richard with MDOT told WZZM13:

"Weather always is an issue, especially with paving, the conditions have to be just right. So we were pretty close to our estimation of getting eastbound open."

Which we all want them to get it right this time around, since the highway fell apart WAY earlier than it ever should have, so it’s great that this traffic headache is getting some relief.

Richard also told WZZM13 that this time around they paved the highway with asphalt rather than concrete, as it was before because it’s easier to maintain.

MDOT hopes to have the westbound closure of M-6 re-opened in November.

source: MDOT, WZZM13

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