There are superfans out there, and then there are real superfans. Two people who were obviously very impacted by the iconic Eddie Van Halen have turned a regular old van into an EVH tribute van, and it's almost as iconic as the guitarist himself.

Owned by Marisol Pacheco Richardson and photographer Ryan Stephen Richardson of Music Junkie Press, the van's name is Van Halen Van 5150 aka "Vanama" and it's a 1969 Ford Econoline that was painted red, black and white to look just like the pattern on Van Halen's signature Frankenstrat guitar.

The first photo of Vanama was uploaded to Instagram on Oct. 12, 2020, just a few days after the legendary guitarist succumbed to his longtime battle with cancer, and now it travels throughout California catching the eyes of fellow rock fans. It's even sometimes used as a backdrop for photoshoots.

The interior of the vehicle features photos of the guitarist and his band throughout the years, a wolf shag rug and more Frankenstrat designs. If seen "in the wild," the owners implore people to take pictures of the van and tag them in them on social media. It's become such a popular sight to see, that they even have their own line of merchandise now on Etsy, where you can purchase hats, stickers, patches, buttons and even a T-shirt with the Vanama logo on it.

See some images of Vanama, including a video of how it was transformed from its original teal blue color to a Van Halen tribute on wheels below.

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