If you have a medical marijuana card or are a caregiver, Michigan will be requiring your new card to include your photo.

As Michigan's medical and recreational industries continue to grow in the state, the need for updating guidelines and procedures grows.

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According to FOX 17, "the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) will begin printing patient/caregiver pictures on their respective registry cards starting immediately."

If you currently have a card, you don't have to hurry out to get a photo. Your current card will still valid be until its expiration date. MMMP will only be printing new cards immediately for patients and caregivers if they submit a request for a replacement card or are renewing using the most up-to-date forms. In those cases, the photo will be printed on the new cards.

Originally, when Michigan began issuing medical marijuana cards to patients and caregivers, no photo was required on the card since you had to show your Michigan-issued driver's license or state I.D. that included your photo to use the card.

The good news on the new cards is the Michigan Department of State will be providing MMMP with the photo that they have on file from your license or personal ID. So, you won't necessarily need to have a new photo taken.

If you are wanting to get ahead of the game and make sure your photo is on your medical marijuana card, just fill out the forms on the MRA website. Make sure you have your Michigan state driver's license or state I.D. to prove your identity.

If you are a current cardholder in Michigan, you may submit a Replacement Card Request online or via a paper form to have your card reprinted with your picture on it. Current caregivers may request a replacement card but must use paper forms to do so. Also, note that you can continue to use your current, valid patient/caregiver card until its expiration date, and requesting a replacement card to get your picture printed on it is optional.

If you don't have a Michigan medical marijuana card and think you qualify to receive one, click here to apply.

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