Forget breaking Tom Cruise's face (a la Jimmy Fallon) -- Emily Blunt revealed on 'Conan' last night (June 4) that she almost killed the action movie star while filming 'Edge of Tomorrow'!

"We were driving this crazy old car with a big trailer behind it," Blunt explained of the stunt scene that almost had Cruise six feet under. "And the stunt guy was like, 'I want you to go really fast down the path and then take a really hard right, and I want the trailer to swing out behind you."

"Tom Cruise is in the passenger's seat -- not his favorite place to be," she continued, explaining that she was the driver. "I don't think it's in his fabric to like being a passenger in a stunt-driving scene."

"I tear down this path, and Tom is being very quiet behind me," she said, "and suddenly I hear him, under his breath, as I approach the right hand turn: 'Break, break, break. Break. Break, break, break … Oh, God! Oh, God! ... Em, break the car! Oh Em, break! Break the car!'"

But unfortunately for them, Blunt didn't listen -- and accidentally drove "straight into a tree."

"I almost killed Tom Cruise," she said, laughing, revealing that he also thought it was funny afterwards -- even though he was frustrating her with his demands to break.

'I thought you were being so annoying when you told me to break," she recalled what she told Cruise, later apologizing after she realized, that yeah, he might know just a little more about stunt driving.

Watch Emily Blunt's hilarious Tom Cruise confession in the video above!

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