Emma Stone is a big believer in the supernatural -- and her late grandfather even communicates with her family, the actress revealed during a recent appearance on 'The Late Show With David Letterman.'

When the host asked her if she has ever had an experience with the "metaphysical," Stone was quick with her response.

The actress revealed that she is familiar with "things materializing," she said -- like coins mysteriously turning up.

"There's a long family history with quarters," she revealed, explaining that while although she never met him, "My [late] grandfather leaves quarters. It's him. It's absolutely him. You guys, it's him."

And while Letterman was skeptical about ghosts, pointing out that their existence has never been proven, Stone explained that that's what she finds so amazing about it.

"That's the joy of it," she said. "It's not a logical thing. It's magical… like ectoplasm."


"Ectoplasm is a milky substance that…" she managed to get out before the audience bursts into laughter. "That indicates that someone has been there," she finished, laughing at the crowd's dirty minds.

Watch Emma Stone talk ghosts on 'Letterman' in the video above!

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