Empty the Shelters has sort of become a holiday in Michigan. But I guess when it involves cats and dogs how can it not feel that way?

Shelters are usually crowded with animals during the summer months and this event is a great way to get pets into their forever homes. If you have been considering adding a new family member, get ready because next week is the week Empty the Shelters is back from Wednesday, July 7 to Sunday, July 11. 175 shelters in 40 states will be participating with adoption fees costing $25 or less!

This is the second ETS event this year. Over 4,000 animals were placed in homes this past May.

Not only will adopting a pet enrich your life but you're also saving a life in the process! Since it's inception five years ago, the BISSELL Pet Foundation has adopted almost 54,000 animals and counting.

You can see a list of nearby participating shelters here.

Humane Society of West Michigan is one of them and they told us that dogs and cats will cost $25, small animals $5, and per usual senior animals have fee-waived adoptions. The Humane Society will be a great place to visit because they recently were part of a rescue, along with 11 other shelters in the state, that brought in 140 dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters in Louisiana.

In the month of June, we have taken in 55 dogs and 95 cats from other shelters in Detroit, Ionia County, Kent County, Tennessee, and most recently, Louisiana.


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