Netflix just debuted the trailer for its upcoming period mystery-adventure Enola Holmes. The film stars Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown in the title role, a young woman whose older brother happens to be the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes (played by The Witcher’s Henry Cavill). Set in 1884 England, Enola Holmes follows the sleuth’s sister as she attempts to uncover the secret of their mother (Helena Bonham Carter)’s disappearance. Watch the trailer below:

From the looks of it, Enola Holmes should be a fun watch. Its sumptuous period design is matched with a Fleabag-esque fourth wall-breaking device. This makes complete sense, considering the film is helmed by Fleabag’s very own director Harry Bradbeer. 16 year-old Enola flits around the screen, taking several opportunities to directly fill in her audience with every gripping detail. Though her brother is renowned for his wit and intuition, Enola quickly establishes herself as a super-sleuth in her own right. She pieces together why her mother disappeared, using nothing but an eccentric assortment of gifts she left behind.

Enola Holmes is based on the beloved book series by Nancy Springer. While the novels are geared toward young adults, the movie's strong adult cast should make it a pleasant watch for adults as well. As long as movie theaters remain risky, Netflix's at-home offerings will prove to be even more popular.

Enola Holmes hits Netflix on September 23.

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