"It’s getting to the point now that we’re gonna be just like Italy," according to Mary Macdonald, an ER nurse in Oakland County, Michigan who posted a sobering Instagram video detailing her experiences on the frontline of coronavirus treatment.

In the video, she describes putting a patient on the hospital's last available ventilator as well as the hospital running out of medications such as Fentanyl, Propofol, and even Tylenol.

Resources are very slim. We have no medications to keep these patients even ventilated, let alone ventilators. Medications like fentanyl or propofol that would keep a patient sedated while they’re intubated we’re out of...we’re out of Tylenol.

She also describes being issued one N95 mask in a paper bag to be reused for one year, as well as the hospital running out of other basic supplies.

There are no masks. There are no gowns. They’re running low on gloves, because everyone has panicked and stockpiled all of this so that the medical staff doesn’t have it. We cannot stay safe and we cannot care for all these people that are coming in because no one is taking this seriously...and I am being super-transparent: I was one of those people that wasn’t taking it seriously, but I’m here to tell you that you need to.

She ends the video by imploring everyone to take this threat seriously. Stay home if you can, keep washing your hands, and follow and respect the guidelines being issued right now.

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