The Twitter site Old Time Football turns the clock back to the days of Billy Sims and Gary Danielson. And still the Lions lose. 

Old Time Football is one of my all time favorite stops on the internet, because it takes me back to those cool Sunday afternoons, where after a morning of playing pick up football with my friends, I would come inside to watch my favorite football team play.

And lose.

This week the Old Time Football weekend cornucopia of old time football highlights took us to 1980. 40 years ago, when our hopes were buoyed by the drafting of Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims.

But even Sims and a pretty decent quarterback by Lions standards, Gary Danielson, weren't enough to stop the Lions from losing to the Atlanta Falcons, 43-28.

They did wind up a respectable 9-7 that season, and tied for the Central Division title with the Minnesota Vikings, who won the tie breaker (less conference losses) to advance to the playoffs.

Enjoy some highlights from week 5 of the 1980 season.

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