I guess folding some cannabis in with our butter would make the morning toast pop a little bit.

The career website Zippia just analyzed the Google searches in every state to see what interesting thing people in each state have disproportionately searched for the most during these past five months of the pandemic. 

The results are mostly a mix of hobbies, habits, self-improvement projects, foods, and alcoholic drinks. 

But here in the Winter Water Wonderland, our new found joy in legal marijuana has resulted in us seeking out new ways to enjoy it. Like making cannabutter. What is cannabutter? According to healthline.com:

cannabutter is a combination of cannabis and butter. It's most commonly used to make cannabis edibles, particularly baked goods like cookies and brownies. Before buying or making cannabutter, you should decide what effects you're hoping to experience.

And how do you make it? Well, there's several great recipes on the Google machine, but this all-encompassing article explains it pretty well, and all you need is a crock pot! Oh, and some weed.

And while we were one of the few states interested in drug usage during the pandemic, pity poor Missouri, where the top search is . . . "Meth recipe."  

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