With summer creeping in, Men’s Journal just put out a list of the best epic adventure each state has to offer.

Here's what Michigan has to offer, according to them, and a chance to tell us what epic Michigan adventure you've been on!

Here’s one of the amazing things about The United States. It’s massive. Each state’s like its own little country with its own story and adventure. Whether it’s a nominal car ride away or an epic journey, this is a land filled with experiences just waiting to be had.

To that end, Men's Journal has offered up an epic adventure for every state. So what is Michigan's epic adventure.

A Mountain Bike trail in the Manistee National Forest?

This 25-mile singletrack loop cuts through the thick woods of the Manistee National Forest, in the uplands of the Udell Hills. The trail has a superb mix of tough, sandy climbs and fast but not terribly technical downhills. Plus, in the winter months, the outer loop stays open for fat-bike-only snow riding.

Here's some video footage of some guys riding the Big M, and it seems kind of epic when they crash.

I honestly have never mountain biked the BIG M, so it's hard for me to say whether it's the MOST EPIC adventure Michigan could offer, but I've got some epic adventures I've been on that could be close. Like:

* I once got a table at Anna's House on a Sunday morning at 10 without waiting! (I may have claimed I was somebody who had their name called but didn't respond fast enough, but I did it!!)

* I found a prime parking spot downtown on a Saturday night in March when the Griffins were home, the Home and Garden Show was going on, LaughFest had four venues working and there were concerts at 20 Monroe Live, the Intersection AND DeVos Hall. (I had to swap paint with a Cadillac, but that adds to the epic-ness of it all)

* I climbed the Division Street stairs without stopping to catch my breath! (Why? I still don't know, I'll just say that alcohol may have been involved)

* I drove through the flood waters on Indian Trails Road without having my engine die out! (My friend told me it was the wrong exit, but I didn't listen)

So what was YOUR Michigan Epic Adventure?

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