After last year's flu season, which health officials say was one of the mildest in the past 30 years, the illness is back with a vengeance. Well, if you're unlucky enough to currently have the flu, at least a new Facebook app can help track down the diseased jerk who gave it to you in the first place.

The "Help, I Have the Flu" app scans your friends' profiles looking for keywords like "sneezing," "achy," "coughing" and "vomiting" in an attempt to determine who gave you the nasty bug.

It also scans check-ins and takes note of when friends update Facebook, assuming that those who post late in the night are more susceptible to catching and spreading the virus.

Unfortunately, this handy tool won't help you get over the flu any faster, but it will, as its creators promise, at least help you find "somebody to blame."

Once the app finds who's responsible, it'll allow you to fire off an angry message, or, if you're feeling merciful, send drugs through Help Remedies, the company that runs the app.

Although if we were in this situation, we'd probably choose the first option.

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