Michigan's Attorney General, Dana Nessel, announced on Wednesday that Family Fitness has been ordered to pay $220,000 over their deceptive business practices.

Numerous complaints were made against the company such as being charged monthly fees for a free membership; misrepresentation in regards to costs, contacts, and cancellations; and making several misleading statements. The class-action lawsuit was issued in September of 2017 and according to the court judgment papers, Family Fitness decided to "resolve the pending matter rather than pursue continued litigation." They also claim they have taken the steps to better their business practices.

In a news release Nessel says

My office will always stand up to protect Michiganders from companies that conduct business in bad faith

Family Fitness will have to pay the money to the Attorney General's office over the next three years. $190K of it will be distributed to consumers affected. In addition, the judge ruled that they were no longer allowed to have a cancellation fee on prize memberships nor could they exceed $75 [for all other contracts].

If you filed a complaint expect to receive information in the mail in the next few months about claiming your money. People can still make claims here.

Family Fitness is West-Michigan based and has 12 locations around the area.

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