Toy block company LEGO runs an online program called LEGO Ideas, where anyone is free to make a profile and use it to design new sets of their own imagining. It works almost like a Kickstarter for LEGOs: the crowd can submit their own concepts for new products, and if they’re able to rally enough support around their proposed project from their fellow users, then the top brass at LEGO will actually take the proposal into consideration. Then, if it’s deemed physically and financially viable, LEGO will make that product a reality. (And, one would hope, cut the original designer a nice check.) Dreams, as it so happens, really can come true.

With the tenth anniversary of Pixar gem Ratatouille coming on up next year, one LEGO Ideas user by the name of Carlierti thought it’d be apropos to pay a different sort of tribute to the film by designing a replica of Bistrot Chez Remy from the toy bricks. The design is a faithful model of the haute cuisine French restaurant that appears at the end of the film as a sanctuary for the culinary ambitions of our hero, Remy the rat, and also includes mock-ups for the human characters of Linguini, Colette, Skinner, and Horst. If Carlierti can get 10,000 votes of approval from other LEGO Ideas users, then kids at home will be one step closer to rejecting class-based snobbery and realizing the value of criticism as a deeply personal art form. Or, equally likely, pretending to make delicious foodstuffs. Below, take a look at some of the visuals from Carlierti’s project page.

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