I've been thinking about this quote from Aristotle, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

Now, I'm not usually a "share inspirational quotes" kind of person... they can be simplistic, and well... kind of cheesy. BUT, my usually-cynical self needs all the positivity I can get right now, tbh.

While a dark, scary, stressful time for sure-- focusing on the light is helping me through. These photos from around our communities are part of that light.

Thank YOU for sharing.

We asked you to send us any inspiring pictures you'd captured recently so we could help spread some positivity.

From rainbows to pets to handmade signs- these are the photos spreading good vibes in West Michigan. Have a photo you'd like us to add? Send it to us via our app.

Thank you again. Stay safe, take heart, and please take care of yourself and others.

Feel Good Photos From Around West Michigan

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